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How much time should I spend on #LinkedIn?

timerI get this question often.

The short answer: IT DEPENDS.

  • If you are new or unfamiliar with LinkedIn, you will need to learn, starting slowly, bit by bit, just like you started out years ago on Word or Excel, and now you can whip out a document or spreadsheet in minutes.
  • If you have to rewrite your LinkedIn profile, you have to spend some serious thought time then some write in an a neutral, quiet non-distracting environment, let it “cool,” come back to it a day or so later, make edits or rewrite portions, then proof it and read it out loud. Do it during the time of day you are most creative.
  • If you have passed all of the above hurdles, and just need to nurture the connection group you have collected, some smart people say it takes 9 minutes a day.

Yup, it takes time. It’s an investment, so don’t rush the iterative process of composing a great new profile.Whatever works for you, just do it. Some days will be longer, or shorter, than others spent on LinkedIn.

Find the time, set a timer if you want, and make it a daily habit.


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