weighYou feel it: that jiggle that tells you that your weeks of holiday enjoyment have left you with LinkedIn “wobble.”

No new inquiries on LinkedIn while you were doing other funner things.

You can’t quite admit it to yourself but you know you need to make a change in your habits to accomplish your goal,  but how?


Not via “10 easy ways to find 50 new connections” or “4 simple hacks that make your LinkedIn profile appear on everyone’s radar.”

Fast never works. It backfires–you look lazy, using the fast method. Your eezy peezy fix looks like everyone else’s. Yikes!

And the hated LinkedIn wobble returns as you regress to your old ways.

Ok, the real work that has to be done is going to make you sweat. Get ready for it:

Start slowly and assess what you want to achieve: more valuable connections, wider influence via Posts, more business inquiries.

Then open Microsoft word, copy your LinkedIn profile sections and paste into a new saved document. Section by section, work on revising and telling your own story, just like I have been suggesting on this blog.

Not easy and not quick. It takes introspection and time and most of all, creativity.

No distractions.

No forays to the refrigerator.

Work at your own pace and save every new iteration you create. Some will be better than others. Mop your brow.

Mix and match: use some components, phrases, concepts of one iteration with the best of another until it all comes together.

Save it again. Let it “cool” and return to it when you are fresh.

Rework as needed. Save each revised section.

Stop. Take this important extra step now to keep from annoying your connections.

When all sections have been revised and together they tell why you do what you do, drop it into LinkedIn in one swoop.  Then tell all your connections to have a look. Ask for advice to make it even better.

There, it took time but you excised the fat and made the remaining profile much leaner with more muscle.

Keep exercising your story to bring new attention to your value proposition. Regularly.

Go seek new business now. It will not come to you until you send others to your profile. And don’t you look greater now!

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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