lowhangingfruitWe have spring cleaning as a concept. Not sure why you let the winter accumulate “gunk” (a technical term!) only to clean it once in the spring.

I propose year-end-focussed renovation now and all year-long.

Didn’t start yet? No problem.

Think forward. Not just for today or next week, but over the coming 4 months in advance.

If you hesitated to start a process, start now. Nip away at the small pieces, start with the low hanging fruit.

Once you pick up momentum, start to increase your sights, higher, higher.

Yes, as a LinkedIn coach my job/duty is to motivate clients to achieve that which they cannot/don’t want to/can’t believe they can do themselves. With a mostly objective eye.

And I do become personally interested in their futures:

  • the CEO who just accepted a new stimulating position, pending funding; with another CEO position in the offing if needed
  • the teacher helping special needs kids he developed over decades of experience with his unique POV
  • the author who is striking out on his own to help himself and others publish books in a fractured industry

These are just 3 of my recent clients who couldn’t get past themselves. Great verbal story to tell, boring resume-ish LinkedIn profiles; together worked methodically to achieve more. I am amazed at what my clients can, and ultimately, do, accomplish to tell their “why I do what I do” story on LinkedIn.

One grape at a time.

Starting now, where do you want to go over the next 4 months until year-end?

And beyond?