I had a very productive session yesterday with a nonprofit who needs to enter the 21st century with their online donations, as they put it. I hit it off nicely with the executive director and a former treasurer at the meeting.

thankyou1As I always do, I thank them for their time and express how I enjoyed the meeting on a LinkedIn connection request, properly personalized.

Remember that they receive a copy of the connection request via email as well. Ping 2 times: once on LinkedIn and once on email.

I find (unscientifically) that the sooner they accept my connection request, the better my chance at closing the business. Perhaps it’s the sincere follow-up.  Perhaps it’s capping off an impression I try to make as a true professional. Perhaps it’s just good manners.

Note: one just connected with me in a matter of minutes! Looking good….the other, unfortunately, is not to be found on LinkedIn. 

And you my reader, do you follow up with a thank you and offer your connectivity to collaborate in the future?