When I first started my business, I got a book called “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.” As you can imagine it’s 255 pages of positive reinforcement to turn ideas into real action.talktoself

Recently a study just came out which concludes that people who talk to themselves are high functioning intellectuals, not looney tunes.

So I ask you: If you talk to yourself, what do you say?

Can you convince yourself that you have valid, relevant, valuable ideas? Can you convince others?

So take another (!) look at your LinkedIn profile and read it out loud–it’s ok; you’ll sound and look like a veritable genius to others.

selfDo you like what you heard?

  • Yes? Great, keep tweaking it since you have a good thing going.
  • No? Better make it a lot more convincing to both you, and to a stranger who happens across your profile.