5ideasFinishing the LinkedIn and CEO theme in this blog throughout this week, I wanted to summarize a few suggested ideas to all CEOs, and for that matter, to everyone, since you are the CEO of your brand and professional reputation.

  1. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Instill the desire and need for the reader to know more about why you do what you do. Provide an easy and effective way for them to follow you. The tribe surrounds you and expects greatness always. Today a tribe is global and on LinkedIn, a professional audience.Impress them with your leadership skills and vision. Encourage them to emulate that.
  2. Don’t lead by exception; lead by exceptional example. Other tribe members look to the CEO as the warrior, able to surmount exceptional challenges and turn them to opportunities. A team effort, surrounding the CEO makes a great organization. But the team must feel the vibe from the top, emanating to lower levels of the firm.
  3. A LinkedIn profile is organic and only you change it to reflect your status. Your need for a great LinkedIn profile should not be immediate when you need it badly (such as sudden unemployment); it should be ever ready and require a slight tweak to reflect a change in status. Preparation for the unexpected–isn’t that how you lead?
  4. No matter how you define your community, reward others with your vision and practice on LinkedIn (your firm, your connections, the business community as a whole, nonprofits, etc.). Spread the wealth of wisdom as CEO to others and make your network your net worth. Enrich those who can best benefit.
  5. LinkedIn groups afford you the ability to find other CEOs in a virtual club who share the same challenges and concerns as you. LinkedIn has made it easy to join the nearly 2.2 million groups; the hard part is deciding which group(s) to join. Jump in and stay active in the right LinkedIn CEO groups. I hope they become your best colleagues.

These advisory tips can be pushed up or down any organization. The need to stand out is stronger now than it has ever been. Rise above the static noise and be heard and be respected as worthy of emulation.

Need just a little more TLC? I train groups and give 1-to-1 coaching. We both learn volumes from it and every one (!) so far has told me I exceeded their expectations.