I will be frank here (like I am not already…)

do notJust because I placed a popular Post on LinkedIn does not give total strangers on LinkedIn who read it the implicit right to connect with me without telling me how I can help them, or how we share common values and interests, so I might even consider them as potential connections. Whew.

The number of unsolicited connection requests in past weeks has been amazing (not in the good way). Ok, perhaps if I had a personal esteem issue I would be flattered at the numbers who asked. But I am suspect of their motives.

But really frosts me is HOW they actually used LinkedIn’s tools to ask…or lack thereof.

A bald default LinkedIn connection request is like a robocall: unasked for, devoid of meaningful context and disturbing. No, it’s worse than a robocall. Do you phone someone and then spout immediately after they say “hello”

You don’t know me or anything about me, or what I want, but I would like to connect to you on LinkedIn. Please?

{and then without explicitly saying this: then I will be able to see and engage with all your connections and also see your most valuable business materials that you share with colleagues}

Would you? Please say yes. Just asking.

Think about how you come across when you ask someone to connect:

  • Take a minute and write over the default connection request. Yes, be creative.
  • Give them context and reasons for the connection request:
    • what’s in it for them
    • how you can help them
    • how you share common aspirations
    • business interests that can lead to conversation
    • background history you share
    • former employers and just want to reestablish the connection

Ask with something useful, ok!?!

It’s just good business manners.