I just leavegroupleft a LinkedIn group out of sheer frustration. I used to like the group and contributed. I benefitted from it too.

The issue? The manager of that particular group does not employ enough care to delete obvious and fallacious offers to get rich quick.

Not just once but multiple times a week.

I know I am not the only one of the over 14,000 other group members this peeves.

I contacted the group manager to suggest tighter control over inputs, for the sake of the quality of the group page. No reply or beneficial effect.

It seems to be isolated only to this group, of all my groups.

As a result I’d (or used to!) receive so many of these absurd group updates that I stopped reading what the group sent me.

I tried. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes it does.

So today I did it my way-I left.

Here’s how to leave a group. There over 500 other groups for me to try, in the same subject area.

Group hug and goodbye.