In aslinkyny project, including a LinkedIn profile renovation, time is fleeting and as usual, “life” gets in the way.

I have been coaching 2 clients for months. They are busy execs, granted. But they are jiggling many schedules, mine included, and while they realize that no one, and I mean no one, is going to invest in their LinkedIn profile like they are, they are running late. Very.

The curriculum I designed and am putting them through is designed to achieve a momentum. I explain that before we sign. I know they appreciated my advisory.

I allow a week to 2 weeks between sessions while they work on “homework” (a few sections of their profile or other assignments like cleaning up their connection list). I strive to keep my schedule, and theirs, to the most efficient timing.

OK, there were business trips, year-end closing, family illness, winter vacation time, and I want to be as sympathetic as I can, but I, and they, are business people and any delay is a missed opportunity. Tick, tick. I am observing and trying not to be a complainer…

Their goal is to tell their story and why and how they do what they do, better and sooner than a competitor so they get the upper hand.

The same goes for you.

Now that we are in daylight savings time again and we moved 1 hour forward, I am hopeful of moving them too up in their momentum and achieving THEIR goal even that much sooner. Tick, tick.

You too?