Safe and sound. That’s how most of us like to be. No risk, no neck stuck out; no collateral damage. Lower return on investment.

I posted “Raise a Professional Ruckus” on my blog this past Tuesday and immediately thereafter, on LinkedIn in my 31st long form Post. To my delight, I hit a personal record for my Posts: I garnered over 2000 “views,” 266 “likes” including one from Jeff Weiner the CEO of LinkedIn, and 48 comments. High return.

The written comments back to me were even more interesting, and I thank those who took the time to like and to even add their thoughts to the professional conversation I started. That was the intent. High reward.

[What was not the intent was for so many well-meaning but bald offers to connect tosafetynet me on LinkedIn without any context or personalized message. Using the default connection request message is the same as calling someone on the phone and saying nothing when they answer the call. So if I ignore you by not replying, you now know I only connect to people I have already met and/or got to know in business. Ok, I suppose I too have a safety net… from dull, lifeless connections!]

I learned some things from comments made to me and had a couple of dissenting yet very respectful viewpoints. That was the intent as well. It’s a professional forum. We will not all agree. Also high return is possible from debating.

What I learned

Funny thing, I will confess: I originally hesitated posting it in the first place. I asked myself before I submitted it, as I reread my work: “What if it’s too much/too out-there/too opinionated?”

I posted it anyway. I am so glad I did it!

I left my safety net. I moved out of the still calm, into the energy of sharing and nurturing.

That safety net may be your comfort.  Not for me any more. I stuck my neck out and stared down the possibility I might echo in the abyss. I dared to offer my opinion, professionally, at a global business idea-promoting podium. Growth via success!

I hope you will offer your observations, opinions and share great material on LinkedIn. It’s not quantity of noise and/or dropping URL’s of mediocre postings, but the quality of material you evaluate, opine on and curate to help others.

I started a ruckus, professionally. Very high return on investment.

So, communicate with me and your fellow LinkedIn folk: What anecdotes of your success in ruckus-making can you share (LinkedIn-related certainly preferred, but not necessary)?