lilyTry as I might to pack as much “why” you do “this” and “that” in my LinkedIn sessions and how you finesse your brand, I realize that everyone approaches technology, social media, LinkedIn and brand marketing at a different level and absorbs my ideas at a different pace.

Was that comment insulting to my clientele?

Not at all!

Right now I am teaching a man in his late 70’s and a woman in her early 60’s who each learn and apply the tips I show them drawing from their life’s work.

What I am showing transfers at a different wavelength for them vs. some younger or less experienced clients. And then in the next cohort of trainees, I can find the very opposite is the case.

To add more complexity to my observation, some learn better face-to-face while others learn better left with an assignment (ah, those a-ha-moments they report!) and still others want to learn at their own pace by recorded seminar.

So, I got thinking again, how do I bridge these gaps?

deepdivelogohighrezSo that everyone has access to the same material but at their own desired pace, I am pleased to announce I recorded a brand new and updated “Deep Dive Into LinkedIn” slide-and-audio combination course that plays on your desktop or mobile device.

It has a subject table of contents and timing of each slide so everyone has the ability to consult this course and skip to, or repeat, those sections they desire.

It’s 90 minutes long and goes deeply into the how and why to complete LinkedIn effectively. It’s full of ideas and tips to optimize the very latest version of LinkedIn, exposing some of its hidden arrows and buttons.

It’s now available for $39.95 by clicking the Deep Dive Into LinkedIn graphic above.

You will need to already have a Google account and only you can access the course.

I hope you will enjoy it and let me know when you score a new piece of business with one of my techniques!