dollarQuoting the Peggy Lee song from 1969, the LinkedIn privacy class action suit has been settled with a $1.25 million fund (is that all there is?).

I am one of the 800,000 LinkedIn paid subscribers who subscribed to LinkedIn between March 15, 2006 and June 7, 2012 thought they had their personal information protected, but the security measures in place at LinkedIn were allegedly inadequate to really protect them.

How much will you get if you qualify? $1, after lawyer fees. But not much more.

So I ask you, is it worthwhile making a claim for $1?

Look, no one (and I mean no one!) is more frustrated about a breach of their identity than I am. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, some knucklehead out there has opened credit and debit cards in my name fraudulently on a smart phone using my personal information, probably gleaned from the data stolen at the likes of TJMax, Target, Home Depot, Anthem, possibly LinkedIn, and others. I can’t even estimate the amount of time and effort that I have spent in the past 2 months since this started to protect my identity.  A whole lot more than $1’s worth.  

So when there is a possible breach such as the one LinkedIn was purportedly involved in, I would expect the compensation to be more than a mere $1.

Just sayin…Ok I feel better now.