The LinkedIn guys are again being tricky hiding the goodies-this time on the company profile page.

If you are the Designated Admin of a company profile page, you can mouse over the curved arrow at the top right corner of your LinkedIn company profile page and see:c2c_co_profile_page_socialmedia_connect

This arrow allows you to easily distribute a message to everyone, no matter whether they follow LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (!), or Google+, easy for you to use to spur your readers to look at your LinkedIn company profile page and/or notify them of an addition or comment you added.

You want more defined engagement with interested readers of your LinkedIn company profile page, right? Choose one social media platform, or some, or all. Refine the message you want to send to each audience. Think wider-spread distribution to all your audiences in a few clicks.

You just needed to know where to uncover it on LinkedIn and you can use it. Now you know.

Use it well: customize the message, instead of using the dull boilerplate message LinkedIn provides for each. And the default message LinkedIn provides is different for each social media platform.

Don’t use any of them.

Why be dull?

Overwrite the default message and use every opportunity to distribute and refine your brand to each audience.