communicatewellWith thanks to Seth Godin for inspiration for today’s blog, and with apologies to my webdesigner friends, my LinkedIn profile is my website.

It’s organic and my own story, laid out well.

Yes, I have other websites, but LinkedIn is the one that I update and nurture most religiously. In fact, I am doing that right now with this blog piece. And every business day, including federal holidays, such as today.

I am always communicating, hopefully you will agree that I do so pretty well, and giving the reader of my blog and all the other sections of my LinkedIn profile clear information on me, and each tidbit easily found.

Once the reader has started reading my headline, all the rest should be equally interesting. Very.  

Yes, even to the attention-deficit casual reader who drops by or stumbles upon my, or your, LinkedIn profile: through a search, referral by another or to see what you have been up to recently. Appear pedestrian and they will walk away. Bore them and they never come back.

Use every LinkedIn section to demonstrate your brand, in different words in each specific section. Communicate your leadership. Act presidential too.

It’s ok to be THE expert. You have so many pulpits these days. Use them wisely and efficiently. Ask others to endorse or recommend you for added emphasis to your branding.

But be sure the reader can seize upon the right section for the right information, with your best efforts conveying: why you do what you do


how you do what you do.