pulseandpostPosts delivers material you write and read from others you choose to trust (opinions and information) by pushing it to you from your connections and those you follow.

It’s a gift indeed because you want to see what your entourage is thinking and writing about.

But who has time to scan so many connections’ postings?

I rely on it. I read it, I scan it in off moments , and I opine and “atta-boy/girl” the writer. You do that too, right?

But what if you have the desire to write but have not yet dipped your toe in the Post pool?

Do you publish your material on Posts? I have 29 times.

Not as often as I would like to, but I write a piece when something strikes me worth sharing. And I get comments and new followers each time, so I must be saying something useful…

In this article I think the author combines Posts and Pulse. Posts in section 1 and Pulse in the rest of the article.

FYI, Pulse is the social news service that LinkedIn provides for topics and sources of news you choose.

Good info in both instances, nonetheless.

Bottom line: Share your observations and read others’.