Two new private coaching clients admitted they bring out the best expression in others but can’t do it for themselves.

It’s representative of the paralysis of the in-bred finger wagging philosophy we all grew up with (assuming you are older than 22): “don’t talk about yourself!”

psychWell, my dear reader, and my 2 new clients, it’s like a dose of therapy: I will help you get out of your own way.

Each of you has amassed a respectable career, full of values experience and skills you bring to them proverbial table.

On your LinkedIn profile, in each section, work your best to tell us in different words:

Why you do what you do


How you do what you do

instead of

This is what I did at…

Please try to impress us with your skill set and capability rather than past achievements that resumes focus on.

LinkedIn is your brand.

No one buys stale goods or services.