Funny how new questions seem to aggregate around people who once signed up for a paid subscription to LinkedIn but now want to stop it. Three this week alone.

It’s not easy at all to find how and where to accomplish this.

openclosedSo I consulted the trusty Help Center by following these steps:

  • click your picture at the very top right corner of any LinkedIn page
  • a dropdown box with the words “Help Center” will appear at the very bottom
  • click there and then on the next screen query the words “close subscription”
  • select the answer that is closest, and indeed “Cancelling or Downgrading Your Premium Account” pretty well hits spot on to what we want to do, click these blue words
  • and you will see the instructions on how to accomplish the task.

The Help Desk is a great place to find answers to all your LinkedIn questions (other than me of course!)