The phone rang. The caller ID showed a colleague’s name. Concern over the snow and how I fared. I reciprocated. Must be a reason for this call…

“Could you introduce me to Marianne?”

“Sure. I will do so on LinkedIn.”

“You can do that?”

And BTW, thanks for the subject of today’s and tomorrow’s blog.

Yes, you can do that yourself (as outlined below) or ask someone to help you do this (as will be shown tomorrow).

Yes, there are two ways:

LI_getintroducedLook the target up on LinkedIn and click the downward pointing arrow that is found under the target’s headline (as blogged earlier, those little arrows are very powerful and hide some really great stuff!)

From the dropdown menu, choose “get introduced” and you will see a screen like the one to the left.

Choose from among the mutual connections you both share and ask the best person you select to send your message along. Use discretion here–the best connection for the specific circumstance to introduce your colleague to the target may not be who you think it is. You have to make an educated guess in some situations.

Write a great intro message that both the other parties will be able to see. Send. Wait.

Sometimes I even follow up a day or so later to see if it worked or if a “jingle” to the target is needed. Nicer to have me jingle than the introducee. I guess that’s not a word. But you get my intent.

Tomorrow the other way.