I get a lot of unsolicited comments, such as this one from last week: “I just rewrote my LinkedIn profile. I am really happy with it. Can you take a quick look?”

In this case it was from a colleague whose long-time senior job seems to be melting away due to budget cuts and so-called company efficiencies.

So I asked her, does your LinkedIn profile truly tell the casual reader 2 things:

1) why I do what I do?


2) how I do what I do?

speedbumpBlank look.

If not, I told her, you had best get back to the drawing board.

Speed bump.

LinkedIn is not your resume. You know my take on that topic.

Think about yourself as a brand. Slow down and don’t look at your LinkedIn profile as some chore to check off as done in your job search.

Spend some quality time approaching it, getting it to the quality level it needs to be.

I hope she appreciates the intent. I think I surprised her.

Good that she asked…