We professionals should not tolerate spam on LinkedIn.

And cnospam‘mon, spammer, do you think you gain respect this way?

Will someone buy your amazing service or product with a single solicitation, or worse, the same one over and over?


A colleague emailed me the other day:

FYI.  See below.  You should know that this is total spam.  I never met this guy and he writes to me as if I’m his friend…

Funny, I got the same message via LinkedIn too. I’ll bet so did thousands, if not millions, of you too.

My response to my colleague:

There’s a lot of this going around. Either a direct email to you as an ad, which this clearly is, or InMails from strangers selling you something, or worse, a message from someone in a LinkedIn group with you, selling something that has nothing to do with the group.

The world has some “operators.” Not enough nice guys…

And one thing I would add in hindsight: if you get spam from a LinkedIn group you are in, contact the group manager and complain. Let him or her know that they are not monitoring the group as they should.

I just did. And I have a number of fellow group members who have liked or commented their agreement.

You have a voice. Use it.