I was asked by a really good friend and colleague to help her daughter at Georgetown University in DC network in San Francisco for her first all-important career position out of law school.

I searched for all my 1st level connection in San Francisco and tagged then in a group to send a group LinkedIn message to them only, due to their location in SF or having worked there recently:


  1. First I selected Connections in the black bar at the top.
  2. I then sorted them by location.
  3. I keyed in San Francisco to the dropdown box and found I have 10 first level connections in the Bay area.
  4. I selected them all and added a few more whom I thought might also be helpful.
  5. I sent them a group note asking them to think deep and creatively to whom they can connect my friend’s daughter.

The power of the network is already starting to chug!

Remember, LinkedIn is a massive database ready for you to mine. I used it to help someone else.