Shoot to the bottom of any LinkedIn page, waaaay to the bottom, which can be challenging, so I choose to go to the dead bottom of my own profile page. There are resources there you probably never knew of.

If you are a small businessperson, there are resource pages buried there to allow you to get the most out of LinkedIn:

The LinkedIn Small Business Resource Center.


It is broken in to 4 broad areas, each with meaningful material that may help energize your LinkedIn usage, listed below with their subsections. Spend time where you need to:

  • Professional Branding
    • Bring Your Story to Life
    • Grow Your Network
    • Establish Your Expertise
    • Keep Up the Conversation
  • Marketing
    • Build your presence with a Company Page
    • Grow your community of followers
    • Engage your audience with content
    • Reach out with Sponsored Updates and Ads
  • Sales
    • Perfect your profile
    • Find the right person
    • Contact decision makers\Get to know who you’re meeting—before you meet
  • Hiring
    • Build a brand that attracts top talent
    • Attract relevant candidates with job posts
    • Reach even those hard-to-find candidates
    • Research and pick the best candidates

There are videos, Slideshares, and smart practical materials.

And….it;’s free.

Now you know where to get it.