201511. Resolve to nurture your LinkedIn connections with new articles you come across or observations that will benefit them, encourage them to share as well. Do this as often as warranted with quality material to “blip” on their radar screen and stay top-of-mind.

12. Resolve to “like,” “comment” or “share” others’ news and congratulate each other on work anniversaries-this will grow the personal learning network we have with each other–a virtual community of nurturing businesspeople on LinkedIn.

13. Resolve read Pulse daily to stay on top of news stories you might have normally missed. Select topics and sources as you need them. Stay on top of the latest curated material especially designed to your expressed interests and needs.

14. Resolve to cull through your list of LinkedIn connections and de-connect from those you do not have an affinity for, or because you connected to them so long ago you don’t recall who they are or what they do. It’s OK-life and relationships change.

15. Resolve to reevaluate the list of LinkedIn groups you belong to, and participate actively in the ones that make most sense. Sharing with similarly-minded people is a great way to enhance your reputation though you are not connected to them directly.

In sum, resolve to present yourself  the best you can and give back the best you can, to demonstrate WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO. This is all possible on LinkedIn, but you have to work it, and make it work for you.

I wish you a happy prosperous and healthy new year. 

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