6. Resolve now to beef up your LinkedIn company profile page–make it show off your products/services. Encourage followers on your company profile page and give them something to follow you for-great material and news!

7. Resolve to use Showcase Pages on the company profile page to call extra attention to products/services/events you want to strategically highlight. Think: free spot advertising.

8. Resolve now to connect your blog, about.me, website, twitter to your LinkedIn personal and company profiles-make it easy to get a hold of you, using different media, by different audiences.

9. Resolve to expand the Volunteer and Causes section on your personal profile; show how you give back to your community and that you make a difference as part of your professional identity. Signal if you want to serve on a board or add pro bono services in your area of expertise.

10.Resolve to take advantage of long-form Posts on LinkedIn, just like a blog and grow your following with intelligent observations and perceptions everyone can relate to and learn from. Everyone can do now write them and they are a year-round present that benefits us all.

Tomorrow: 5 more resolutions to make LinkedIn work even better for you in 2015!

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