This week we continue to go over the downward pointing arrows only you see on your profile page.

profilesdownwardarrowThese functions are all too well hidden, IMHO, unless you know where to find them, yet these 6 functions can be used effectively.

Unfortunately the downward-pointing arrow on your profile is completely hidden behind the dropdown table and would normally be seen to the right of the edit button. You’ll see it when you go to your profile. When you click that downward-pointing arrow, you get these choices. Let’s take one at a time this week, day-by-day.

Ask to be recommended

There are two places to ask someone to recommend you (on their profile as was discussed earlier on this blog December 11th) and here, on your profile. They both work the same way.

It’s a bit counterintuitive to me to ask someone to recommend you by starting the process from your profile page. I would think you would start at theirs.But I guess this is better than the old, convoluted way to get to the recommendations on the previous version of LinkedIn. I am sure glad they fixed that.