Last week we covered the downward pointing arrows on your connection’s profile page.

This week we will go over the downward pointing arrows only you see on your profile page.

profilesdownwardarrowThese functions are all too well hidden, IMHO, unless you know where to find them, yet these 6 functions can be used effectively.

Unfortunately the downward-pointing arrow on your profile is completely hidden behind the dropdown table and would normally be seen to the right of the edit button. You’ll see it when you go to your profile. When you click that downward-pointing arrow, you get these choices. Let’s take one at a time this week, day-by-day.

View recent activity

RecentactivityAre you actively posting articles you like and want to distribute to your connections? Have you congratulated a colleague on a work anniversary? “Liked: their work? Followed a company profile page?

These are kept and counted as Recent Activity (see top of page just below my picture).

Do you post blog-like observations and essays on LinkedIn? These are kept and counted as Posts *same place as Recent Activity).

This page is where you find the most recent material you have contributed in these various (and other) ways. It’s like a historical index of your work, most recent first. So if you have something you want to share with an individual that you already shared with your connections at a previous time, you can easily go back and find it and share it again. Or comment on it.

You can also “like” a comment that someone else made on one of your updates here too.

Use this to categorize and revisit your work.

Tomorrow: Ask to be recommended