Note: You may not have noticed, but LinkedIn is changing the way you do things.

The “good stuff,” as I like to call it, is getting harder to find, but I will show you where to look in the next few blog posts.

downarrow_LinkedInRight next to the “send a message” bar on any connection’s personal profile page, you will see an adjacent button with a downward pointing arrow.

Click that and a dropdown box with some powerful functionality appears.

All this week, I will review them one by  go one by one to make you more comfortable using these shortcuts:


All I will say here is hallelujah that LinkedIn made it easier to get to the Recommendations function and not make you go old way!

  • So please recommend someone without their asking (brownie points!)
  • And at the top of that Recommendations page, you can get to the “Ask for a recommendation ” as well, again, easier than the old method!..

More about these functions tomorrow.