Note: You may not have noticed, but LinkedIn is changing the way you do things.

The “good stuff,” as I like to call it, is getting harder to find, but I will show you where to look in the next few blog posts.

downarrow_LinkedInRight next to the “send a message” bar on any connection’s personal profile page, you will see an adjacent button with a downward pointing arrow.

Click that and a dropdown box with some powerful functionality appears.

All this week, I will review them one by  go one by one to make you more comfortable using these shortcuts:

 Suggest an update:

A very subtle suggestion to a connection to update either Experience or Education on the r personal profiles. I am not sure that you would ever have to remind someone to change their Education, so I will concentrate on Experience. A box pops us that allows you to personalize your suggestion that the other person rewrite or add something to their Experience–don’t use the boilerplate language. Show some personalization in this please:


When would you use this?

  • To remind someone after the pressures of taking a new job cause them forget to update LinkedIn.
  • I am sure there are others…

More about these functions tomorrow.