idea2You start with your idea, you expand it mentally or sketch it on the screen or on paper. You take it from concept to working model to final offering. You advertise it and you pump it again. You offer it and they shall come. Perhaps.

Any idea, especially in today’s short attention-span world, in a revived economy and during the holiday season, has to resonate immediately.

From concept to success, everything has a lifespan. And even if it sticks, it needs a refacing sometimes. Or a renovation or a gutting.

So, dear reader, does your LinkedIn profile.

Sometimes you change direction, revamp your course, or you take a side path or shortcut, but you always need to show it better.

When was the last time you made an overhaul? Have you evolved on LinkedIn from the old-resume-cut-and-paste to engaging the reader with your core values and ideals?

Take a deeper look at what you offer.

  • Start with a sketch of what you want to convey, expound on it, demo it, test it, write it in Word, let it cool. Return to it when you are fresh, scrap it or tweak it, but keep improving it.
  • Turn off your activity broadcasts on LinkedIn.
  • Copy and paste the changes to the respective sections and post.Turn off your activity broadcasts on LinkedIn.
  • Turn your activity broadcasts back on.
  • Then update your connections that you made the change(s) and ask their comments. What you should ask the best of them is: “Does this reflect why I do what I do” or could I say it better? Don’t be afraid to get constructive criticism.

Try this. I think you will be amazed the end result makes the former version look anemic.

You want to look your best first time, all the time. Right?