See the title? It’s as true of networking your business to new success as it is in advertising lottery tickets.

Recent weeks have been rewarding: a boost in my new bookings of business, all the result of participating and being in the mix. And in past years, this has historically been a quiet time. Happy. Hear me smiling?

I push on, using LinkedIn and personal (human to human) networking to craft the relationships I want to initiate and to service onward.

Never stop; like a shark, you cannot go back or sideways, only forward.

Yes, it’s too easy to roll over and go back to sleep-it’s too cold out, there’s too much traffic, it’s too far, you don’t feel comfortable with that group, etc., etc.

You need to get into the whirlwind.
Or make your own.

Not everything will succeed, but at least you tried. If you didn’t fail and learn from the past, how will you benefit and improve?

You need to make every situation valuable for the individual(s) in front of you. Even if the number of them is not what you expected, or hoped. It’s the personal experience they get with you, in whatever form your business allows, they will relate to, and you must customize to their needs.

It’s time-consuming, exhausting and eventually rewarding. Your colleagues and clients will remark you have reached your stride, ahhh, and/or what you do is that much better than the competitor, double ahhh.