turkey1It’s Thanksgiving week: every year I post an updated version of

10 Things To Thank LinkedIn For

7.   Thanks, LinkedIn, for providing fast responses to specific questions that are not covered in the Help Center, answered by real humans in natural language and best of all, they really try to help.  That in itself is pretty impressive, given there are 333+ million users who must be sending a helluva lot of questions to LinkedIn.

8.   Thanks for LinkedIn Pulse where I can peruse 200+ channels of news providers from across the world and 50+ topic areas to be well-informed. From there I routinely share material that I think will help others:  individually, in a group, or to all my connections, and they have thanked me for this often. BTW, you are all most welcome.

9.   Thanks for making it easy to reorder the section headings on my profile by holding my mouse button down on the two headed black arrow and dragging the entire section to its new position.  I can now de-emphasize my Education (30+ years ago) and emphasize my Recommendations, for example.

10.  Finally and most deservedly of all, thank all of you 2500+ times (as many as my LinkedIn connections) for being there to help, for reading my postings, commenting and sharing them, and for offering advice and answers when I ask.  As I always say, “my network is my net worth” and you make my network so rich and rewarding in all my business pursuits.

I will be taking the rest of the week off.  I wish you a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving.