The other day I visited my daughter and son-in-law and returned home with 6 clean ball jars. They were once filled with my home made garlicky dill pickles, now empty, with the not-too-implicit request for more.

I am pleased to continue to feed their taste for real deli style pickles.

Last Friday I spoke to a full house of nonprofiteers on Long Island, each desiring a better way to approach the business community for donations, volunteer positions and board seats, using LinkedIn. In the front of the room sat a familiar face and when I saw his name tag I recognized him as a fellow LinkedIn connection. He was in one of my sessions more than 2 years ago, and was so kind to recount how helpful my session was for him since our first meeting.

I just received a message on LinkedIn from him, and now if I may extrapolate from the pickle story above, even though I left that LinkedIn speaking session spent and tired, as teaching always and happily, wears me out, I will keep replenishing the supply! It’s great to have helped.

Marc – Another excellent session. With some speakers, you hear them once and then you know their whole schtick, but once again I left your latest session with more pearls of wisdom.