{Blogger’s note: in recognition of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ National Philanthropy Day where local chapters are holding conferences, from Friday Nov 7th (Westchester) to next Friday Nov 14th (Long Island), I will post daily excerpts from a column I wrote in the Fairfield County Business Journal showing nonprofits how to benefit from using LinkedIn.}

lookingupIn my LinkedIn coaching practice, I have been assisting professionals in nearly every industry and level of business experience for the past five years in rebranding themselves. This includes nonprofits, which compete for donors and need to bring attention to themselves — just like business-to-business professionals.

The staff, officers, board, volunteers and corporate sponsors have so much at stake to ensure the casual reader understands the need for fundraising for their specific cause. There’s no better place than LinkedIn to make the case, especially since the income of LinkedIn members often exceeds that of other social media platforms. This is an opportunity that must be taken advantage of, but effectively and professionally.

Over the past 5 business days I posted tips that nonprofits can use in this blog.

The power of networking coupled with electronic connectivity makes LinkedIn a required tool for nonprofits to master and use consistently as a marketing tactic. The professional business world has embraced LinkedIn.

With additional education and by practicing these tips, the nonprofit sector can benefit as well.