Hurrah! The political ads end today on TV, radio, internet, robocalls, tons of recyclable paper mail, email, you name it. Media experts have found numerous ways to hound us with the image they want to portray for the candidate.

It’s a soundbite or a doctored photo that they intend to help sway us to their side. The image. A quote splashed on the TV screen that’s taken out of context and twisted. The image. A statistic that sends votea message when it’s not clear where or who is the source. The image.

Shame on all the parties.

Think, and vote as if your life depends on it.

Reason through to the candidate that makes the most sense, after careful consideration, to represent you.

Defy the speed of marketing-speak and think long and hard.

Vote in this mid-term election.

Yes,  I digressed from the usual theme of LinkedIn in my blog today.