You have to admire Nik Wallenda.

balance1His determination and focussed perspective are super-human.

Did you watch the dual world records he set last night in Chicago? I had to.

Not because I worried about his falling but because I knew he would succeed. Why?

Because he willed it.

He wanted it and he focussed on his goal.

I think there is a moral in his story, and it’s true in nearly all cases for an entrepreneur.

  • You have to visualize your unique offering.
  • Practice, practice, practice your craft, each time under different environmental influences and conditions.
  • Perfect your style and display confidence and balance in a way no competitor can.
  • Finish each brief phone call or extended project with a flourish.
  • Between your world records, keep your perspective and believe in your capabilities no matter what.
  • And strive for the next level up.

Too often I meet people who cannot express their core competencies. Mentally they know what they want to express, but verbally (especially electronically) they cannot show it well.

Does your LinkedIn profile summary reflect your unique attributes and sell you to the casual reader?