On my way to finishing the final session of a 3-part cycle of LinkedIn training to underemployed baby boomers in Westchester County, I had a chance encounter with another job counseling colleague and two of the program administrators at the organization that houses the classes.

excitementWhich is a long-winded way of saying “you never know who you run into.”

And you never know what cool things can be imagined when you think “outside the room.”

We started riffing back and forth about what we should do to add more punch to the offerings to boomers and women (each of our target audiences) and we both agreed to bring in another colleague to teach the fine art of networking. He doesn’t know this yet…but he will be glad to participate.

When 3 passionate advocates for self-improvement get together, watch out as the (good) sparks fly.

Stay tuned as this develops into a great session in the winter to melt the proverbial ice: networking on steroids to get your butt a job and also connect2collaborate.

I’ll tell you when we are ready to announce this and to push the button. I’m excited.