Most people I coach erroneously create their LinkedIn profile from a resume.

As said before in this blog, a resume is a backward-looking document stuck in time; by contrast, LinkedIn is past-, present-, and future-looking organic entity, adaptable and reviewable in its latest version at any point.

But, there’s a web app called Resume Builder that asks your permission to use your existing (already amazing and professional business-driven) LinkedIn profile to create a passable PDF version of a CV.

LI-resumebuilderIs it perfect? No, but it’s an OK start if you need one, and saves a lot of time.

I created mine (page one to the left) and there are some anomalies in it (and for that reason I will never use it, except for educational purposes in this blog piece). If I really wanted to, I could buff it up.

One observation: it does not capture your all-important LinkedIn URL (mine is in/marchalpert) on the CV, which I find really odd; it found all my other URLs.

BTW, there’s another (better IMHO) way to create a CV from your LinkedIn profile. Not as attractive, though.

Take your choice. Just be sure you review the output for errors and omitted details.