dataI am just becoming sensitive to the mass of data that LinkedIn holds on me, and on you, dear blog-nugget reader.

Not that I am paranoid, just curious.

I was looking around on the Privacy and Settings menu and saw something I never noticed before:

  • when I moused over my tiny picture in the top right corner of any LinkedIn page,
  • and then clicked on the “Account” tab, then click “request and archive of your data”
  • I can request a data extract of all my activity and other materials LinkedIn gathers on me.

(Official instructions from LinkedIn are here)











I ordered it and in less than 24 (they said 72) hours, I had a set of excel files.

After reviewing the files, I see they collect data on the ads I clicked on, the people I surround myself with and the comments I make. More than that too.

But no real surprises-just amazing that they collect this. I guess since I have nothing to hide, I am ok.

You may feel differently.

I just don’t think you can do anything about it and you certainly want to continue using LinkedIn!