newYes, in a new iPhone, not on.

My old iPhone 4 had its 2-year run. It was time for a new one. So I pre-ordered, and just received, my shiny, slippery and cool new iPhone 6.

Bigger, brighter, easier for these middle-aged eyes to read.

More powerful and faster.

Not without its bugs.

Like any technology, software or hardware, LinkedIn included (this is a LinkedIn-themed blog ya know!), there are kinks with every new iteration that need to be worked out. Just ask Apple about its iOS 8.0.1…

LinkedIn is about to make another change, I can feel it. In fact there have been some subtle changes in the past days and then-poof!-they are gone the next day. That’s how they do it. Makes this LinkedIn trainer a bit batty sometimes. But it’s ok. Progress for the sake of better connections and more collaboration works for me.

For now I am in awe of the power of technology in my pocket: iPhone 6 and the LinkedIn app version 8.01 included. Kinks and all.