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Top of mind on #LinkedIn

top of mindI met him 5+ years ago networking with others in the nonprofit sector.

We haven’t been in touch since then. But in a way we have…

Friday out of the blue, he sends me a LinkedIn mail message asking about an idea his organization has to use my online donation services. So I send a proposal.

Years later, he seems ready to do business. His words: “I knew exactly where to find you from your frequent postings on LinkedIn.”

Music to the ears of this LinkedIn evangelist.

Work to remain top-of-mind.


2 thoughts on “Top of mind on #LinkedIn”

  1. I can relate to this post. I didn’t think there was much ROI in social media until I spoke to a client. He hired me every year to coach his team-until he was transferred to the UK. When he came back to NY, I contacted him and we did business. He told me he always felt connected to me because of my linkedin postings. But here’s the kicker. He was impressed with my social media footprint I told him it keeps my brand out there but there is no ROI. He said, “I think you should rethink that. If I hadn’t seen your posts when I was overseas, I might not have thought of you when I returned.”

    So even if we don’t get new business directly from linkedin, those touch points will keep us in the game. For me, the ROI was the invoice from that coaching assignment. And that’s real dollars.

    1. Thanks for the story, Diane. There are so many stories of how being a constant “blip” with QUALITY material on someone’s radar screen keeps you on the tip of their tongue, at the top of their mind, call it whatever you want. It really works! Does anyone else have a success story?

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