Yes, it’s a fact of life: you may be unemployed at some point, or at least know someone who is.

Nothing shameful at all in that: you just need to move along in the next positive step in your career.

For some the steps along are longer in between: age/race/gender discrimination exists to be sure. But skill sets mature and become obsolescent too and if you have a set that is no longer needed, you need to adapt.

What better way to show your true values and capabilities than LinkedIn?

I am NOT speaking of copy/paste your resume to LinkedIn. That’s wrong.

As I told 2 groupsyellowguy of attendees yesterday, the underemployed need to step out from the crowd; be a yellow guy in the sea of blue guys who blend together in the mind of the hiring manager.

Tell “why you,” a lot in different ways throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Fun? Easy? Nope.

Worthwhile? Yup!

Now do it.