Video is the medium that should provide great memorable benefit for you, used effectively: it provides your connections the best recall  for your passion and value proposition.

You must start leveraging video to showcase yourself in today’s business networking social media.

LinkedIn makes uploading video really easy and accessible. Add it to your Summary or Experience sections. Perhaps as a long form Post, if you are already blogging to LinkedIn. But be sure you have these components:

  • videoelevspeechSep14_frame1a savvy, talented videographer with whom you are comfortable with. Referrals available.
  • a terse and clear message.
  • practiced delivery, energetically spoken.
  • emphasis of your spoken points with keyword titles as you speak.
  • an easy way to contact you.

Think: a TV ad, but for less than 45 seconds. Think: how can I be most memorable?

It’s painless and actually fun. The frame above is from a video elevator speech that I will soon post to my LinkedIn profile.

As I say in my “live” sessions: get out of your own way and talk about yourself.

This time, instead of the written word in your LinkedIn profile, on video.