It seems I am getting more spam messages through LinkedIn every day. A woman in South Africa wants me to buy silver and gold from her. Last month it was from a man in Central America. Foolish? Annoying? Yes and yes. But not isolated incidents.

donotdisturbReally? Do they really expect me to give a moment’s thought to buying precious metals on the strength of a LinkedIn message? Without even establishing any trust or credibility, without connectivity?

Not too many of these will arrive in my in box, I hope, but I think this type of intrusion will continue as more people wrongly believe that LinkedIn is the answer to mass global marketing among higher net worth business professionals. That leaves out of the sales equation any common sense or need to establish reputation, and thus, trust.

So to the woman in South Africa and man in Central America: think before you mass message on LinkedIn, please? It’s not how we operate on LinkedIn.