A few months ago a student asked me the limits on how many characters can appear in each LinkedIn section.

abacusI honestly never collated this information and he kindly did this for me. Thank you, Howard Silver!

Knowing him, I know each statistic is correct, but in the off-chance you find an error, please let me know.

I thought it might be useful to you:

Profile fields Character limit
First name field 20 characters
Last name field 40 characters
Maiden name field 40 characters
Professional Headline 120 characters
Status update/sharing module 600 characters
Professional experience & goals (Summary) 2000 characters
Specialties 500 characters
Title field (in Experience section) 100 characters
Skill 80 characters
Description (in experience section) 2000 characters
Activities and Societies (in Education field) 500 characters
Additional Notes (in Education field) 1000 characters
Personal Info-Instant Messenger 25 characters
InMail 2000 characters
1:1 messages 7000 characters
Introductions 2000 characters
Invitations with Email address 2000 characters
Invitations without an email address 300 characters
Recommendations 3000 characters
Name of recommender 100 characters
Recommendation 1500 characters (maximum); 200 (minimum)
Specialties 256 characters
URL 256 characters