memoryMy personal memory chips get overloaded sometimes.

  • How did we meet?
  • Reminder to self: contact Mary next month about that educational session we may give together.
  • When did I last share an article or message  with her on LinkedIn?
  • Which small groups of “tagged” connections did I place her in?

These details are easy to forget and sometimes important to remember.

Luckily, LinkedIn makes it easy to keep details on a relationship straight.

LI_reminderIf you look at the profile of any 1st level connection, you will see a tab called Relationship.

There are sub-tabs called Note, Reminder, How you met, Tag.

Using one of my connections as an example, here is an excerpt of the details I keep on her so I can access the details anytime I need to jog my memory. (Click the graphic to enlarge it and see it better.)

Only I can see it. She cannot.

Previously I may have blogged on this. I just can’t remember.

But it’s worth repeating.