Business and Morning CoffeeSmall business owners and entrepreneurs need to show themselves as thriving and busy. Very busy.

While we churn and churn to bring more to each and every business day, oddly, many solo- and multi-preneurs fail to use LinkedIn to circulate their news.

We are busy! So we should show each success as we climb up the ladder of the value proposition we bring to the profession. Your connections want to know.

So think about the benefits of announcing on your LinkedIn page:

  • new clients you have signed (I always ask their permission first)
  • meetings or conferences you are attending (or better, speaking at)
  • places you have been quoted in, or materials you have authored (and add that to the Publications section as well for permanence)
  • or at the least, articles that you have read that you deem worthy of sharing.

Then determine the best audience to share with, and this is sometimes not always easy:

  • all your connections
  • certain one or more of your connections by name
  • or LinkedIn groups you belong to.

Just tell your news and remind us you are out there doing well, or else you fade from memory. As I like to say, blip on the radar screen.