Often I get questions about how to show a change of career, a lapse in years within a career, and/or a second (or third) simultaneous business on a LinkedIn profile.

2014-08-23 21.14.34Your life and career are journeys and move in different directions, not always up or across. If stairs seem to only go up and down, the shadows and reflections that you cast can seem otherwise. Help us better understand your voyage.

Your recollections of what we did in a situation or challenge are worthy of commentary in the context of your LinkedIn profile. A recommendation of LinkedIn by a colleague who saw you in action who tells the story of how and why you did-what-you-did is so very rich. And more memorable to the reader.

I earned my MBA in international business and had no idea I would be blogging on LinkedIn, or any of the other pursuits I have. I have survived multiple careers in varied industries over different millenia and I suspect you, the reader, have as well.

Once I made my company millions of dollars in one transaction but that’s not really the point–that I can see opportunity that others can’t IS what I convey.

So embrace where you have come from, show what you have learned along the way. Your insights and experience are yours forever and await the stimulus once again that you can solve the situation at hand.

And, now is a good time to tell your connections on LinkedIn. And others too.

Weave that career story and untangle the important points. Tell us!