LinkedIn acquires companies to complement its array of services. One such acquisition, Slideshare, enables us to upload all sorts of multimedia to LinkedIn. It’s a handy and reliable content sharing platform.


It was just announced that the premium level services under Slideshare are no longer being charged to its (previous) premium level subscribers and best of all, that LinkedIn will make all those once-premium level amenities available to everyone eventually, all for free.

Free is good.

You were using Slideshare for free all along, right?

No? As noted here before, it’s the best way to preserve the graphic integrity of slide decks and other media and attach them to your LinkedIn profile in the Summary and Experience sections. Here’s a Slideshare on what Slideshare is.

I have enjoyed using it for free and look forward to getting my mitts on these once-premium services, one of which will be offered to everyone each month starting in September:

  • so-called “smart analytics”
  • profile customization
  • privacy settings on my uploads
  • video uploads (right now I am quite content with uploading from my YouTube channel)

Get in the multimedia game to attach your work and make your LinkedIn profile really stand out.

Sign up for Slideshare now if you have not already.

Stay tuned.