With o2014-08-20 12.49.36 HDRver 317 million business professionals in every imaginable category and geography on LinkedIn, there is no better time to review your profile for differentiators from the rest, and especially from the competition.

Think deep and critically.


5 things to consider:

1-Start with your personal profile. Does it tell why you, why you do what you do and where your passion lies?

2-No matter what you say, use SEO keywords in your headline, summary and experience sections and fine-tune your skills. All sections deserve extra attention as they figure prominently in the search function on LinkedIn.

3-Regardless of what you say about yourself, show recommendations that complement and reinforce this attributes and skills you want to emphasize.

4-Add multimedia in your summary and experience sections. A viewer is far more likely to recall something seen on your profile in multimedia than something merely read in words.

5-Think carefully about what you say in each section. LinkedIn is not a casual exercise in filling out the section with material from your resume, which is the easy way out. Engage your reader to want to contact you for more information. Make each section as the reader scrolls down tell more and more. Make it a cohesive whole, not a tease, but a marketing piece. Leave them with a call to action.