oopsWe all make typos, that’s for sure. Don’t rely solely on spell-check–not always a great idea.

Look over your LinkedIn personal and company profiles: are there any typos, did you use incorrect grammar and/or are all your facts correct?

I tell my clients to review each next section, one section at a time, rewrite it in Word, take a walk around the block to let the writing “cool” and come back and have another look.

Does it read well? I re-read my writing out loud to listen for errors. (I am doing that now.)

If it needs work, edit until you get it to a point that you are satisfied. 

It reads ok, but needs more work? Re-write and take another walk.

Once it’s where you want it, you should still come back to it another day and keep tweaking.

My biggest offense: “from” and “form” keep slipping past me.

A typo is like a stain on you–it’s all they see, to the exclusion of the rest of the outfit. And they judge! Believe me, the worst thing you can have is a typo on your profile.

Or blog.